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How to Get Rid of Skunks

Do you need an expert who knows how to get rid of skunks in Michigan for your yard, home or shed? Maybe you don't know how to get rid of skunks in Michigan, or maybe getting rid of skunks is not something you want to try or don't know how to perform without getting sprayed? Are you frustrated with skunk repellents that don't get rid of skunks! Do you have a skunk odor or a skunk smell coming from your home, deck or shed? You can call the experts at VaMoose Varmint to help you get rid of skunks. Ask a VaMoose Varmint professional about one of our skunk removal or skunk control plans that are available to provide skunk removal and let the experts who know how to get rid of skunks aid you with your problem.


Knowing ways to get rid of skunks starts with knowing a little about skunks. The scientific name: Mephitis mephitis: The name refers to a skunks powerful weapon of defense. A skunk's typical color pattern is black with a white nap and 2 broad white stripes down the back. The skunks range from Canada to Mexico, and live in the Ways To Get Rid Of Skunksforest, field edges, woods, streams, swamps, and suburban areas. Skunks are usually nocturnal, and will den up in the winter months. Skunks will come out of their dens in the winter months especially during breeding season. This is the time for finding ways to get rid of skunks. Skunk control and skunk removal should be done before the litter is born to prevent 1 skunk turning into many skunks. Skunk mating season occurs between February and March with their young being born about 62 to 66 days later. Average litter size is 4 to 6, and at six weeks old the young skunks start making short trips with their mother when she ventures out to feed. Skunks are true omnivores they will eat almost anything. Skunks like to dig under decks, porches, sheds and foundations this is why skunk control and skunk removal should be performed to prevent possible structural damage. A skunk will eat bird seed that's on the ground under bird feeders. A skunk will enter buildings to eat pet food. At times, skunks fall into window wells looking for food and canít get out. The skunk control professional knows the ways to get rid of skunks  out of a window well. When a skunk is threatened, they will hoist its warning flag, the tail. If a skunks warning is ignored it will whirl about and discharge, through twin nozzles just in side the anal tract. Skunk spray is a stinging, acrid, yellowish liquid. Skunk spray in the eyes causes intense pain and fleeting loss of vision. Sudden movement, noise or a close approach can trigger the skunk to spray. A mature skunk can control 4 to 6 successive discharges, accurate up to 15 ft. On damp days and nights the skunk odor may still be present for weeks. Just to say these are some good reasons for skunk removal or skunk control. To provide skunk control or skunk removal on a deck or shed the skunk control expert has ways to get rid of skunks and keep them out through exclusion. This will prevent further skunk removal or skunk control from these areas.


How to get rid of skunks is by live trapping this has been found to be an effective and successful method for ways to get rid of skunks, if done incorrectly it could be a bad mistake. Our professional skunk removal and skunk control specialists have the experience to place traps in strategic locations to resolve and provide successful skunk removal for your skunk problem fast and odor free. There are many companies out there who may know ways to get rid of skunks or try to provide skunk removal and skunk control, but not all of them are licensed and insured skunk control professionals who know how to get rid of skunks. Make sure that you hire a competent skunk control expert that will know how to get rid of skunks for your skunk removal service needs.

At VaMoose Varmint, we will be courteous and friendly and take the time to answer your questions on skunk removal and skunk control. Give VaMoose Varmint a call, and we will listen to your skunk removal problem, and make an appointment to perform a skunk removal and skunk control inspection and we will have the ways to get rid of skunks for you. VaMoose Varmint will get rid of skunks through skunk control and skunk removal in these Michigan Counties. Alcona county, Alger, Allegan, Alpena, Antrim, Arenac, Baraga, Barry county, Bay, Benzie, Berrien, Branch, Calhoun, Cass, Charlevoix, Cheboygan, Chippewa county, Clare, Clinton, Crawford, Delta, Dickinson, Eaton, Emmet, Genesee, Gladwin, Gogebic, Grand Traverse county, Gratiot, Hillsdale, Houghton, Huron, Ingham, Ionia, Iosco, Iron, Isabella, Jackson county, Kalamazoo, Kalkaska, Kent, Keweenaw, Lake county, Lapeer, Leelanau, Lenawee, Livingston, Luce, Mackinac county, Macomb, Manistee, Marquette, Mason, Mecosta, Menominee, Midland, Missaukee county, Monroe, Montcalm, Montmorency, Muskegon, Newaygo, Oakland county, Oceana, Ogemaw, Ontonagon, Osceola county, Oscoda, Otsego, Ottawa, Presque Isle, Roscommon county, Saginaw, Sanilac, Schoolcraft, Shiawassee, St. Clair, St. Joseph, Tuscola, Van Buren county, Washtenaw, Wayne, Wexford.