Groundhog control and Groundhog removal

Ornamental shrubs, fruit trees, garden vegetables and other vegetation are all popular dinner choices for the strictly-vegetarian woodchucks. Active during the day, their claws and strong legs can rapidly undermine long hours of landscaping efforts.

Preferring to live in open farmland and surrounding wooded areas, woodchucks inhabit extensive underground burrows, with tunnel systems as deep as five feet extending up to nearly 70 feet in length. The primary burrow entrance is usually marked by a large mound of earth, although secondary entrances dug from underground may be virtually unnoticeable. These woodchuck entrances pose a real tripping injury threat to horses, riders and walkers alike. Additionally, old burrows may become the new home for other nuisance animals.

One of the few mammals that enter into true hibernation, woodchuck activity generally ends in mid-November, and resumes in late February. Groundhogs not only can burrow and make a mess out of your yard, but they can make short work of the greens in your garden. Stopping these burrowing pests used to be an involved process using traps and even poisons. Now there is and easier way to get control of your woodchuck problem.

If the groundhogs are burrowing under your home groundhog trapping, removal and exclusion are the only option. First, woodchucks must be trapped and removed, only then should the burrow entrance points be filled in to prevent other animals from taking up residence in the abandoned burrow.

Groundhogs are diggers. They excavate tunnels and burrows underground, in which they live and raise young. The tunnel may have up to five entrances and 50 feet of total tunnel distance. They create a den to live in, and to hibernate in. They are primarily active during the daytime. No important diseases associated with groundhogs.

The best method for groundhog control is trapping and removal. If you simply block off their holes, they will dig them out again. There are no federally registered poisons that can be used for groundhogs. They can be live trapped in cage traps or caught in lethal body grip traps. Many people try various repellents to get rid of groundhogs - everything from mothballs to fox or coyote urine. However, none of these are effective. The only sure means of woodchuck control is trapping and removal.

Preventative measures include Exclusion. Control methods include Live Trapping, Licensed Trapping, Physical Capture, Shooting, Relocation, and Destruction of the animal.

There is no magic spray or device that you can be used to make them go away. Some people try to sell repellants and predator urine, such as coyote or fox urine to get rid of woodchucks, but that doesn't work. They also try to sell ultrasonic sound emitters. These devices are worthless at eliminating groundhogs.
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